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Friday, September 6, 2013

New GuernseyGulls On-line Reporting System Goes Live

There is now a new web site where records of all Guernsey colour-ringed gulls and Great Cormorants can be entered online direct by the observers, with instant full life histories available. The site is now fully operational in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. My thanks to Francois Leclerc, Gilbert Vimard, Carlos Pacheco and Antonio Gutierrez for invaluable help with the relevant translations!
The site has only been possible through the hard work and commitment of Jean-Luc Jean, Peter Carre and Colin Le Conte of Digimap Ltd, to whom we are all very grateful!.
Another advantage of the web site for observers is that once registered you can access your own records of Guernsey birds at all times, and the links will automatically update with any subsequent sightings of these birds.
The web site is available at time you see a Guernsey colour-ringed gull please access the web site, register and enter your sightings. As before...any questions or issues should be sent to me at
For the moment it is not possible to dowload photos onto the site. I hope to work on this function in the future. Please continue to send photographs of any colour ringed birds to me by e-mail.
Many thanks for your continued records and best wishes


Paul K Veron


  1. Congratulations with the website Paul, it looks very nice!

    Best wishes,

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