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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old Timer (20 yr old) Lesser Black-backed Gull Comes Home

The highlight at Chouet landfill this morning was the sighting of Lesser Black-backed Gull metal Jersey E4527. I ringed this gull as a chick in one of the Sark colonies in July 1990 - so the bird is now in its 20th year! It is amazing to think how far this gull has flown in its lifetime (almost certainly wintering in Iberia), and how many chicks it has raised successfully over its long life!

LBBG E 4527 at Chouet landfill - P K Veron

LBBG White 3.T8 (originally seen on 15/01/10) was also in the landfill this morning.

LBBG White 3.T8 at Chouet landfill - P K Veron

64 locally colour ringed Herring Gulls were recorded. Great Black-backed Gulls were noticeabl;y scarcer today - with ony c 40 birds, but this included two (already known) French birds from the Chausey Islands (Seb Provost) Green E.87 (first seen in Guernsey on 02/01/10) and Green E.30 (first seen in Guernsey on 07/11/09). Interestingly both of these birds had been seen at Portland, Dorset, England (Martin Cade) before travelling to Guernsey.

GBBG Green E.87 at Chouet landfill - P K Veron

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