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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mystery Lesser Black-backed Gull at Chouet, Guernsey

On what seemed like an exceptionally quiet Monday morning at Chouet today, the main surprise was an adult metal-ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull from a scheme unknown to me. Unfortunately the gull was just a bit distant, and it never showed the full ring, but the address was a puzzle to me with the letters “…CRETA…” in the top line and “….ECA” at the bottom of the 2nd line. The ring number ended 027829 (possibly the “0” was a “D”). I realise that it is very unlikely that we can trace such an incomplete code…but if anyone has any idea of which ringing scheme this could be I’d be very interested to know! I see plenty of metal rings that I cannot read the full codes on…but usually I can at least work out the scheme…but not with this LBBG!
The other notable event today was my first sighting at Chouet this summer of a fully fledged juvenile Herring Gull. 
Mystery Metal-ringed LBBG - PKV 
First Fledged Juvenile Herring Gull of the year at Chouet - PKV

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