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Friday, November 4, 2011

Fantastic Weekend in Malaga, Spain

I returned this weekend from a fabulous weekend in Malaga, Spain in the very enjoyable company of fellow gull enthusiasts Salva Garcia and Gabriel Martín. Salva regularly watches the gull hotspot of Malaga Port, while Gabi who usually keeps a close watch on the gulls at Alcazar de San Juan Landfill, Cuidad Real had travelled down from Madrid for the weekend. We managed to secure permission to access Malaga Landfill and the port (where the gulls loaf), as well as visiting Benajarafe Beach to the east. On the Monday I was also able to take a look at La Carihuela Beach, Torremolinos and Caleta de Vélez Fishing Port – seeing a few more cr gulls in each location. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and with more than 120 gull colour ring sightings it was a record breaking couple of days for Malaga! Of course I was particularly thrilled to see no fewer than nine different “Guernsey-ringed” Lesser Black-backed Gulls over the weekend.
My sincere thanks to Salva and Gabi for their marvellous hospitality, and extremely good company!
Malaga Port
LBBGs at Malaga Port 
Malaga Port 
LBBG Black 3.K7 (Sark) 
LBBG Black 1.N7 (Burhou, Alderney) 
LBBG Black 3.K7 (Sark) 
LBBG Black 7X8 (Guernsey) 
LBBG Blue BL (The Netherlands)  
LBBG Black JL1V (Norway) 
LBBG Green K.ACM (The Netherlands) 
LBBG Blue YA95 (Iceland) 
LBBG Red NY (The Netherlands) 
Mottled LBBG 
Malaga Port
Malaga Landfill
PKV & Gabriel Martín Malaga Landfill 
PKV & Salva Garcia Malaga Landfill 
Caleta de Velez Fishing Port  
Benajarafe Beach 
Gulls at Torre del Mar Beach


  1. Nice picture of JL1V! JL1V was one of (only) ten ringed LBBG in the colony of 70 pairs at Haganes this year. The production of LBBG on islands west and south of Bergen, Norway was very low this year.

  2. Fantastic Paul! Nice entrance. It seem that next weekend we'll have bad weather, rain, wind... I hope to see more of your gulls!

    It was a very nice weekend!