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Monday, January 23, 2012

And now the 2nd Colour Ringed LBBG is Back in Guernsey!

A quick look at Chouet Landfill Beach this morning was rewarded with the first sighting of LBBG White 3.T8 - the second of my colour ringed LBBGs to be recorded back in the islands this year. White 3.T8 was ringed at Chouet in June 2009. It was last seen (in Guernsey) on 07 August 2011. Its first sighting in each of the last three years has been : 15 January (2010), 09 February (2011) and 23 January (2012). I do not yet know where this gull winters.
LBBG White 3.T8 CLB 23 January 2012 
LBBG White 3.T8 CLB March 2011

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