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Friday, April 24, 2015

Herring Gulls from further North

I have received three reports this month from The Netherlands (North Holland and then South Holland) of a Herring Gull colour ringed in GuernseyWhite 8JA0. What is more...this same bird has previously been reported from Scotland in October 2014! These would be exceptional movements for a locally-reared bird. However, this gull was caught in November 2013, in its first winter, during one of our infrequent winter gull catches. It is still a very exciting series of movements, but the gull is most likely to originate from a colony much further north than Guernsey, which was wintering in the islands in 2013.
Herring Gull White 8JA0 at Mejendl Beach, South Holland (c) Vincent van der Spek


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