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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Immature Lesser Black-backed Gulls summering in Iberia

Although a minority of our Lesser Black-backed Gulls born and reared in the Bailiwick do return back north as far as their natal colonies in their first summers, the majority stay south in Iberia, where they have wintered. It is always a real pleasure for me to hear about these gulls from the growing number of local birders in Spain and Portugal who not only take the time and trouble to report the colour rings, but very often send me wonderful photos of the birds.
Manuel Petiz is one such birder who regularly sends me gull reports and photos from the beaches Portugal's west coast.
(C) Manuel Petiz
LBBG B0CS6 on Burhou July 2014 (c) PKV
0CS6 at Espinho, Portugal (c) Manuel Petiz

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