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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alderney - Week 2

Highlights from our 2nd week on Alderney included our first big seawatch with 219 Balearic Shearwaters, one Arctic  Skua and 30+ Bottle-nosed Dolphins seen in just one hour from the front garden. While other seawatches have been very much quieter, a lone juvenile Long-tailed Skua on 30th August was much appreciated!
While the gull flocks are thinning down, and I have received my first reports of this year’s juvenile LBBGs from Portugal, I am still managing to record decent numbers of my colour ringed birds on Alderney. This week I’ve also seen another of Peter Rock’s LBBGs from South-west England, and recorded a juvenile Sandwich Tern ringed in June this year on Texel, The Netherlands. The German-ringed Black-headed Gull is also still present.
Finally, we’ve had a couple of sightings of Grey Seal, and several very good morning walks with many migrants warblers and chats at Mannez Quarry and Longis Pond. Today Catherine spotted a Wryneck in Mannez Quarry before I got home from work!
My son, Merlin, also came up for a few days, which was wonderful! Not a bad first full week in Alderney!

All photos within a few minutes walk from home (c) PKV

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