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Thursday, December 9, 2010

4,000+ Herring Gulls at Chouet landfill and a new French cr GBBG at Vazon

Unfortunately there was not time this morning to enter Chouet landfill. This was a real pity as the high tide resulted in more than 4,000 Herring Gulls resting in the landfill (as well as feeding!). In the very limited time I had I took 80+ cr readings from the perimeter fence - all local birds.

Interestingly one of the adult Herring Gulls (White 5.AV3) ringed in May 2010, which had been seen 252km south in Loire-Atlantique, France by Francois Le Gall on 21 September 2010, was back at Chouet Landfill, Guernsey on 04 December 2010. I had assumed that gulls that made this journey south in late summer/autumn would remain south through much of the winter...but this gull indicates that some may return by mid-winter...well in advance of the next breeding season.
Chouet Landfill 09 December 2010 - PKV 
 Herring Gull White 6.AV5 09/12/10 - PKV
Herring Gull White 4.AN1 09/12/10 PKV 
 Herring Gull White 7.CC7 09/12/10 PKV
Herring Gulls White 3.AP7 and 4.AC4 09/12/10 PKV
A very quick trip at lunchtime gave nice views of Herring Gulls bathing in a stream on Rousse Beach, and a new 1st winter Great Black-backed Gull from Chausey Islands, Manche, France - Green H.65 (Seb Provost).
 Rousse Beach 09/12/10 - PKV
GBBG Green H.65 Vazon Beach 09/12/10 - PKV

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