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Friday, December 3, 2010

A few Gulls before work

I managed to get out for half an hour before work today to check Chouet for gulls. Given the recent cold  weather with snow (very unusual in Guernsey!) I thought there may be an influx. However, it was pretty much business as usual with Chouet landfill busy with several thousand Herring Gulls and up to 60 Great Black-backed Gulls - including two well-known birds from Chausey Islands, France (Seb Provost) (Green E.71 and Green E.87), and on the beach there was another French colour-ringed GBBG from Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France (Gilles Le Guillou). Again this bird  (Blue 77C) is well known in Guernsey.
Gulls at Chouet landfill 03 December 2010 - PKV

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