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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Five French cr Great Black-backed Gulls

GBBG Green J.60 from Chausey Islands, France (Seb Provost)
There is still no sign of the first of my returning Lesser Black-backed Gulls...but I am rather impatient! In 2009 the first one (White 3.T8) was back on 15 January...followed by White 6.Z8 on 21 January and both White 8.Z0 and White 1.T6 on 25 January. There are still no more than 10-15 Lesser Black-backed Gulls on Guernsey...but this will change soon.

Meanwhile recent days have seen five colour ringed French Great Black-backed Gulls at Chouet - three from Chausey Islands (Manche) (Seb Provost) and two from Le Havre, (Seine-Maritime) (Gilles Le Guillou). Of these birds only Green H.24 (Chausey) is new to the island. Both of the Le Havre birds had last been seen in Guernsey in September 2009.

Recording the local colour ringed Herring Gulls continues to show birds returning from autumn/early winter in France and Jersey.

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