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Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Success with Black-headed Gulls!

Phil Alexander, and Chris & Owen Mourant joined me this morning for the first attempt of the New Year to ring gulls. We were trying to catch and colour ring a few Black-headed Gulls along the west coast, as I still have to get this project off the ground. Mainly thanks to Phil's valiant efforts in recent weeks, the net was easily set and a flock of c 50 Black-headed Gulls gave us hope! was soon clear that the gulls were not hungry...certainly not hungry enough to throw caution to the wind and land in the catching area. We persisted for an hour, but then dog walkers (and a random golfer!) arrived...effectively putting an end to our first attempt of the year.

We will of course try again shortly...but don't be surprised if the first colour ringed birds in Guernsey this year turn out to be from my other project (Common Moorhens)!

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