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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Gull Breeding Season on Jethou

Michelle Hooper, Sophie Veron and I went over to Jethou Island on Monday to complete the 2011 seabird monitoring there. The weather was perfect with only a gentle breeze and warm but cloudy conditions. We arrived shortly before low tide, and so had perfect conditions for the seabird work. This trip was geared around monitoring the gulls and colour ringing chicks. It was very successful with a total of 51 Herring Gulls and nine Great Black-backed Gulls being ringed (all colour ringed except one Herring Gull). We also found one large Oystercatcher chick. I was particularly pleased to see the Herring Gulls being so successful on Jethou, as in most of the other colonies I have been to in the Bailiwick this year numbers appeared to me to be rather thin with poor to modest success.
Grande Fauconniere
House Beach 
Oystercatcher chick
PKV ringing Herring Gull 0CR8 
Sophie with Herring Gull 5CR0 
Great Black-backed Gulls Yellow 0.XX1 and 0.XX2
GBBG Yellow 0.XX6
Herring Gull 0CR7

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