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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to the Beaches

With the gull ringing season behind me, it was a case of back to the beaches with the telescope this morning – and my goodness…it was very enjoyable! I was at Pembroke Beach just before 0600. I stayed for 40 minutes watching the gull flock on the sand swelling as more and more birds dropped in. 72 gull colour ring reads were taken – 47 Herring, 20 LBBG and five GBBG. The pick of the bunch were my first three juvenile cr Herring Gulls (two from Jethou and one from Lihou). It is always such a thrill to see these first youngsters on the beaches in mid-late July.

I then spent nearly an hour at Chouet Landfill Beach recording another 87 colour rings (76 LBBG, 10 Herring Gulls and one GBBG). Amongst the Herring Gulls were two more juvenile birds from Lihou Island. Although no colour ringed LBBG juveniles were seen today, there were a few fledged youngsters on the beaches, some begging from their parents as only gull juveniles can!

What a lovely morning – and all before 0800!

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