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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

150 Guernsey Gulls Not Out!

Yesterday Antonio Gutierrez informed me that he had just seen his 150th different "Guernsey" colour ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull - Black 8AS4 a chick ringed on Burhou, Alderney in July this year. This is a truly incredible contribution from a single observer to our gull projects based in Guernsey, but of course Antonio has been making a major contribution to gull researching projects all over Europe for many years!
Antonio saw his first Guernsey gull - White 7S6 at Pantín Beach, Valdovino, A Coruna, Spain on 21st August 2008. His annual totals of Guernsey LBBGs have been as follows:-  2008 (two); 2009 (15); 2010 (30); 2011 (58) and 2012 (45 so far).
Gull researchers all over Europe are indebted to Antonio, and the growing number of gull enthusiasts in Western Europe , who take the time and trouble to look for, and to report (often with photographs)  colour ringed gulls. Below are a few of the "Guernsey Gulls" seen by Antonio in NW Spain!


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