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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eighth Time Lucky!

Finally Chris Mourant and I got the 2013 gull ringing season under way with a small but timely catch of gulls at Chouet. Unfortunately the gulls decided to co-operate very late in the morning, so it was a huge rush to try to ring as many of the gulls as possible before closing time. We managed to ring 19 new Herring Gulls and to record four re-traps (the oldest of which was ringed as a chick in Jersey in June 1998). Amongst the catch were two Great Black-backed Gulls (an adult and a 1st summer). We had to release eight Herring Gulls unringed...which bearing in mind all the work we've put in this year to catch them was a little difficult...but very necessary to leave on time!

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