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Friday, November 1, 2013

Still Some LBBGs Around

I always regard November and December as the "winter" months for LBBGs in Guernsey, because the first adults which have wintered in France and Iberia have already returned by mid-January. Even my flock of late West Coast "regulars" has now reduced to a handful of colour-ringed birds. Black 9V6 being one of the last to leave. It was still on the West Coast on 26 October, but just four days later Pepe Vidal recorded it at Meirás Beach, A Coruna, N W Spain. I was therefore surprised this morning to record 50+ LBBGs along the coast, including six of our locally colour-ringed birds and Black 2TF ringed as a chick on Flat Holm, Cardiff, Wales. The weather is still mild, but it will be very interesting to see how quickly this number reduces further.

LBBG Black 2TF ringed Flat Holm, Wales

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