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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Iceland and Yellow-legged Gulls at Chouet landfill...and the Return of lots of LBBGs!

Gull watching rarely gets better than it did this morning. Almost three hours in Paradise (well...OK Chouet Landfill actually...but it may as well have been Paradise!). It was just so good to be watching more than 150 LBBGs again, after their winter absence. Amongst them were 60+ colour ringed birds, many of which will have been recorded in Iberia or France this winter. The early morning rain and drizzle and all the mud could not dampen my's always a fabulous feeling to welcome these gulls back home at the start of each season.
As if this was not enough excitement I also got very close and prolonged views of a 1st Winter Iceland Gull and a 2nd Winter Yellow-legged Gull.

 1st W Iceland Gull
 GBBG Black JJ048 (from Hordaland, Norway)
 Chouet Landfill

LBBGs Back Home for another Season!

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