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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our First Black-headed Gull Report

Today was another exciting day for GuernseyGulls with a report from Lars Lindgren of Black-headed Gull Black 2A12 at Maglebaek so near Copenhagen, DENMARK. What makes this a remarkable record is the fact that we have only managed (so far) to colour ring two Black-headed Gulls in Guernsey. This bird was ringed during our regular week of cannon netting at Chouet landfill in May 2013. It is very likely to have been a non-breeding bird last summer, which has now been seen at its breeding colony in Denmark!
 Black-headed Gull Black 2A12 at Chouet landfill (c) Cristina Sellares
Little and Large! (c) Cristina Sellares
The Movement of Black-headed Gull Black 2A12

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