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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Missing - Colour-Ringed Choughs?

Recently I got a request from Glyn Young in Jersey to ask if any GuernseyGulls observers (particularly in nearby France) have seen any colour-ringed Red-billed Choughs as two of the re-introduced birds in Jersey have gone missing. Glyn sent the following request:-

"All of our choughs have been out flying free in Jersey for over two weeks now. Six of them go back to the aviary as they’ve been trained to almost every night. They are let out the following day again. Well, all except two who chose to separate from the others almost immediately. For one, a male, we picked up the first signal two days after release in the south of the Island. Two days later it had disappeared. We never had a visual sighting of this bird so don’t know the true status of it but it did seem to be moving. For the second bird, a female, we have not picked up any signal since the first release. The radio-tracking team have covered Jersey but not had any further contacts and have even used a boat to look at the coast and a low flying plane.

It is possible of course that one or both birds made the short crossing to France. We don’t see many records of birds in Brittany and Normandy so we would not necessarily hear if a strange ringed chough was seen. If you do hear of a sighting we would be very grateful for any information at all. If you could circulate the request for sightings of ringed choughs we would be extremely grateful too.

The birds we are looking for would be: Male Yellow (left leg) and 2A06 (right leg) and Female Cerise (left leg) and 2A08 (right leg). Both birds have radio transmitters.  

 This photo shows what the rings would like:
Red-billed Chough - Jersey (c) Romano da Costa

Any sightings can either be entered direct on the GuernseyGulls colour ring database or sent direct to Glyn at

Many thanks


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