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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guernsey Pelagic 24 August 2014

One of the highlights of autumn birding in Guernsey is the annual pelagic trip organised by Chris Mourant. Local boat owner Richard Keen has been taking birders out on these trips for many years now. This year a dozen ken birders and photographers set off on 24 August. As usual we circumnavigated Guernsey in an anti-clockwise direction, motoring up to ten miles or so from the coastline.
The weather this year was perfect with very calm seas, and the birding experience was definitely one of quality over quantity. Many of the usual pelagic species were seen including three species of skuas, two shearwaters, a few Common Terns, surprisingly few European Storm-Petrels and a very nice scattering of my favourite (of course) Lesser Black-backed Gulls!
In addition to the birds we also encountered at least two Minke Whales, many Common Dolphins and a few Harbour Porpoises.
Fortunately local bird photographer has sent me a few photos of the start birds (Arctic Skuas) and a very nice close Manx Shearwater.

Arctic Skuas and Manx Shearwater 24 Aug 2014 (c) Tony Loaring
More of Tony's excellent bird photos can be seen on his web site - Antony Loaring Bird & Wildlife Photography



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