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Thursday, February 26, 2015 last I'm back in the field...and just in time!

After very little time in the field recording gulls since the turn of the year, I just had to get out in the drizzle this morning. Visibility was poor...but as expected I very soon found some Lesser Black-backed Gulls on Pembroke Beach...and three of them were carrying our colour rings. Two had been in Iberia for the winter...and I was lucky enough to see one of them (B8AL5) at Eirol Landfill. Portugal (with Tim van Nus and Pedro Moreira) in November. That was such a nice reward for the brief session this morning! It feels really good to know that our LBBGs are returning now in force for the 2015 season!
LBBG B8AL5 on passage in NW Spain - José Vidal August 2012
LBBG B0AH4 Chouet July 2013 (c) PKV 

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