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Friday, October 8, 2010

Foreign ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls seen in Guernsey in September

Given that very few Lesser Black-backed Gulls visit Chouet Landfill, or the beaches of the northern coastline of Guernsey, after late August (i.e. once the breeding birds have largely left), it was surprising that nine foreign-ringed birds were recorded this year in September. This was because throughout the month there were between 200 and 350 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls daily along the Island's west coast - with Vazon, Perelle and L'Eree being the principal areas. This included five of my cr adults (three from Guernsey and two from Sark). Four of these birds are still here into October...and I am intrigued to know how long they will linger now that we are cutting deep into autumn.

Lesser Black-backed Gulls from abroad were recorded as follows:-

Iceland 1
Germany 1
The Netherlands 2
SW England 3
Britain (unknown) 2

Total 9
LBBG Blue YH05 ringed Iceland (Gunnar Hallgrimsson)
LBBG Red H.748 ringed Amrum, Germany (Sonke Martens)
LBBG Orange 9V - Noord Brabant, The Netherlands (Roland-Jan Buijs)
LBBG White KL ringed Zeeland, The Netherlands (Roland-Jan Buijs)
LBBG Yellow M:G ringed Bath, England - Peter Rock
LBBG Green R:H ringed SW England - Peter Rock
LBBG Blue HLZ Gloucester, England - Peter Stewart
LBBG London GC 76686 - Britain
LBBG London GN 85760 - Britain

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