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Monday, May 2, 2011

Herring Gulls at Pleinmont, Guernsey

On Sunday morning Catherine and I walked the cliffs at the south-western tip of Guernsey (Pleinmont) trying to find the nesting colonies of colour ringed gulls. Although the Herring Gulls appeared to us to be very thinly distributed this year we did manage to locate three colour ringed birds - all from Jamie Hooper's project (run from 1998 - 2007). All three were ringed as chicks by Jamie, two at Pleinmont (White 9F2 in 2001 and White 8P6 in 2004), but the third bird was one of the original birds from 1998 (White 6B9) and this gull had been ringed at Jerbourg Cliffs on the south-eastern tip of Guernsey.
Pleinmont Cliffs, Guernsey 01 May 2011 - PKV

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