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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Visit to an LBBG Colony on Sark

Catherine and I went over to one of the Sark LBBG colonies today to try to get a few more colour rings on adults from known breeding sites. The colony isn't big (c 130 pairs - many of which are inaccessible), so it was a very pleasant well-paced short day...but the best bit was trapping three of our 2011 cannon netted Lesser Black-backed Gulls on their nests, as well as an adult originally caught in our garden at Ty Coed in May 2010! This was four out of 14 birds caught in total - not a bad ratio at all!
We also trapped a bird that was metal ringed as a chick in the same colony in July it has a colour ring so we should find it easier to record this bird.
Needless to say I am very pleased indeed that four more of our adult LBBGs can now be traced to their breeding colonies. The studies just get more and more interesting.
LBBG Black 1.R0 caught at Ty Coed - May 2010 - known to be nesting on Sark - PKV

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