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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Start of the LBBG ringing Season

Over the past two weekends Chris Mourant, Catherine and I have made a modest, but important, start to the 2011 ringing season for Lesser Black-backed Gulls.  I was particularly pleased to catch a few of these gulls to make sure that the new batch of colour rings I've rolled for the 2011 season fit well. I am happy with the results. It was also good for the three of us to get familiar again with handling a few adult gulls ahead of the visit of Paul Roper and members of the North Thames Gull Group in just over a week. This is a very important week, when we try to catch and colour ring a good sample of the adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls which are feeding at Chouet landfill.
Chris with LBBG Black 7A5 - PKV
LBBG Black 7A1 - PKV

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