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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hungarian Mediterranean Gull and Polish Black-headed Gull in Guernsey

Immediately after a stunning sunrise at Pembroke Beach this morning I saw two juvenile Mediterranean Gulls amongst the 500+ Herring Gulls. Both were active and remained on the beach for only a minute or two. Amazingly one of these juveniles had a red colour ring. Every time it stopped moving it was blocked by a large gull so I struggled to see the ring. Then I got a clear view and recorded Red HKK3...and only a few seconds later the bird disappeared (and I could not relocate it). I'm pretty sure this is a bird ringed in HUNGARY...but will await confirmation! I looked for the bird for over an hour, including on Bellegreve Bay, where there were only two Mediterranean Gulls. The cr bird was not there...but amongst the roosting Black-headed Gulls was White TARM - a bird ringed as an adult in a colony at Przykona Reservoir, Radyczyny, Turek, POLAND on 05 June 2010 - and recorded at Bellegreve Bay, Guernsey from 14 August to 01 September 2010.
It has been a very good couple of days as yesterday I saw Lesser Black-backed Gull Red FTFA (juvenile) on Pembroke Beach. This gull had been ringed as a chick on 10 July 2011 on Havergate Island, Suffolk, England by Mike Marsh.
Pembroke Sunrise - PKV 
Bellegreve Bay - PKV 
Black-headed Gull White TARM - PKV 
Lesser Black-backed Gull Red FTFA - PKV

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