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Friday, August 26, 2011

LBBGs from Wales and England

About this time of year the behaviour of the LBBGs left on Guernsey changes and few seem to visit Chouet Landfill. As a result the northern beaches of Chouet and Pembroke attract relatively few LBBGs. Instead they seem to flock on the west coast (particularly Vazon, Perelle and L’Eree) - and if I time a visit well in relation to the tide (and am lucky that the beaches haven't been disturbed) this always proves to be an interesting time for as well as containing the local LBBGs which are tardy in migrating (all my birds still seem to leave the island from late October to early January), the flock clearly attracts migrant LBBGs. Today amongst 60 LBBGs at Vazon there was a juvenile bird (White 4WF) ringed on 03/07/2011 on Flat Holm Island in the Bristol Channel, Wales (Viola Ross-Smith) and an adult (Black R2LU) from the Ribble Estuary, Lancashire, England (David Sowter).
LBBG Black R2LU Vazon - PKV 
LBBG White 4WF Vazon - PKV 
Gulls Vazon - PKV 
Vazon - PKV

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