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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Very Special Great Black-backed Gull!

Sophie with GBBG Happy Birthday Cake ! 
More GBBG cr juveniles appearing on the beaches 
Herring Gull White 8CP9 Pembroke 
Herring Gull White 2CR8 Pembroke
Mediterranean Gull White 3E90 Bellegreve Bay - PKV

It has been a very enjoyable birthday weekend with a special Great Black-backed Gull cake made by Sophie! On the gulling front it is wonderful now to see more and more of my juvenile colour ringed Herring and Great Black-backed Gulls on the beaches. Although the majority of my adult cr Lesser Black-backed Gulls have now migrated south, I can still find a small selection when I search for them.
Great news in from Spain over the weekend too where Paco Veiga and Antonio Gutierrez saw nine of my Lesser Black-backed Gulls in the gull flocks on Donana and Pantin beaches respectively!

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  1. I wish you a very happy birthday Paul and lots of "GBBG"
    Nice birthday Cake......MMMMM