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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ten Foreign Colour Ringed Gulls Today!

Given the very strong winds and high tide around dawn today, I was not surprised to find c 250 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and c 200 Great Black-backed Gulls on the island's west coast beaches. There were still 15 of my locally cr LBBGs, along with Blue DHC from Gloucester, England. The 17 cr GBBGs today may well be a day record for me. Amongst these gulls were one from Mandal, Norway, eight from France (six from Le Havre, Seine-Maritime and two from Chausey Islands), one from Cornwall, England, one from Jersey and six of my locally cr birds from Guernsey).
Gulls on Vazon Beach 09 October 2011 - PKV 
GBBG Black JP282 Vazon (from Mandal, Norway) - PKV 
GBBG Black JLF Vazon (from Jersey) - PKV 
GBBG Green E.46 Portelet Beach - PKV 
GBBG White L:AJ8 Portelet Beach - PKV

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