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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Yellow-legged Gull to End the Year!

Despite the grey, wet and windy weather I went out to Chouet this morning for an hour to complete the gull watching year. While there were no major thrills - 19 colour-ringed GBBGs was a reasonable haul (four French and one English birds) along with the regular wintering Black-headed Gull from Poland (White TARM).
A 3rd winter+ Yellow-legged Gull was my 51st observation of this species for the year - and to think I actually went decades birding in Guernsey before I even saw this species! There is no doubt that recent years have seen a very significant upsurge in sightings in Guernsey. I'm hoping to undertake a simple analysis of records in Guernsey with the island's bird recorder Mark Lawlor later in the winter.
In the meantime many thanks to everyone who has helped in any way with our gull research in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in 2013...and Very Best Wishes for a Happy and Gull-rich 2014!

 3rdW+ Yellow-legged Gull at Chouet
 Spot the Yellow-legged Gull (it's easier in the flesh!)
A Grey and Wet End to the Year at Chouet...but as ever...Gulls to Enjoy!

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