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Thursday, July 23, 2015

358 Gull Chicks Colour Ringed This Year

Given that the National Seabird Census was the top priority this year, and given all the other distractions and priorities that spread through my summer, I am actually very pleased to end the season with another 358 gull chicks colour ringed. Ironically it was a productive season for Great Black-backed Gulls, but the total number of chicks ringed was only 29. We only sampled some of the Herring Gull colonies to ring 82 chicks this year. 
The one highlight really was the total of 247 Lesser Black-backed Gull chicks ringed, as this is my principal study species, and this total reflects where my limited effort could be expended this season. As ever I am most grateful to the small number of people who help with this important work each year.
Hard to describe the level of contentment when the work has been done! (c) Jenni Godber


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