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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What a great 1st season for the Seabird Camera on Jethou?!

We could not have hoped for a better first season for the Seabird Camera on Jethou. Catherine and Vic had the great good fortune to choose a nest for the camera from a very successful pair of adults. This seabird has been enduring a run of poor productivity now for a decade or so, so we were absolutely delighted when this pair managed to fledge three chicks this season.
It is amazing that after more than 30 years studying seabirds in the Islands the simple addition of a nest camera taught me so many things I just didn't know about their breeding ecology. Roll on next season...
Until then here's a selection of images we enjoyed this year.
Adult incubating eggs

Egg Hatching!

Three chicks and one adult sheltering from the rain

Whose watching who here?

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