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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A busy couple of hours at Chouet Landfill

Chouet landfill 06 May 2010 - PKV

After several days with very few colour rings seen, today was much better. Chouet landfill was particularly busy for Lesser Black-backed Gulls with >450 birds around. 31 of my colour rings were read, but the highlight was a metal ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull, (Jersey E 14864), which Catherine and I had ringed in July 2007 as a chick in one of the small Sark sub-colonies. Another metal ringed LBBG (E 7762) had been ringed as a chick on another of the Sark colonies by Jamie Hooper in July 1999.

Gulls resting at Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 4.T3 Chouet landfill - PKV

LBBG White 3.Z5 Chouet landfill - PKV

Herring Gull White 5.SS2 Chouet landfill 06 May 10 - PKV

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