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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Islands of the Bailiwick & another British metal-ringed LBBG

LBBG London GC79x21 Pembroke - PKV

Gull flock on Pembroke Beach - PKV

Amongst a small number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls on Pembroke Beach this morning was another British metal-ringed bird. I managed to get a good read of all digits except one (unfortunately in the middle of the ring), but the bird is a 2nd summer gull (i.e. born in summer 2008)...whether this is enough to trace this bird remains to be seen. It was London GC79x21

Over the past few days we have taken a few photos while walking on Guernsey to show how close some of the other islands of the Bailiwick are to us here.

Herm & Jethou from SE Guernsey - Catherine Veron

Sark from SE Guernsey - Catherine Veron

Alderney from North Guernsey - PKV

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