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Thursday, April 21, 2011

British LBBG at Chouet

The warm sunny calm weather is continuing in Guernsey, and with a rising tide at Chouet this morning, the gulls were pushed closer and closer to the camera. Although overall numbers are now dropping, as many pairs of adult gulls are nesting, there is still evidence of passage with a colour ringed LBBG from Richard Thomson's scheme based in southern Britain - White A3RA.
As expected the number of immature gulls - mostly 2nd and 3rd summer LBBGs has been growing since the end of the first week in April, with a very few 1st summer birds too.
Although the vast majority of my colour ringed breeding LBBGs are now back in Guernsey, the tail enders are continuing to arrive - e.g. White 6S9 (which was recorded last autumn in the Algarve, Portugal). 
Another highlight today was the sighiting of Jersey E4128 - a LBBG which I ringed as a chick in Sark in July 1989 - so it is now almost 22 years old!
LBBG E4128 (at almost 22 years old!) - PKV 

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