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Thursday, April 14, 2011

British-ringed Lesser Black-backed Gulls in Guernsey

I have recently received the original ringing details for four of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls that were seen in 2010 in Guernsey with metal rings only (i.e. no colour rings). Reading metal rings is very difficult (as the inscriptions are so small), and for every full code recorded I have usually taken only a part of the code on several others! However…as these four birds show…it is worth making the effort!

London GN85760 pullus 12/07/2005 Skomer Island, Dyfed WALES Edward Grey Institute 22/09/2010

London GC46902 pullus 15/07/2007 Skomer Island, Dyfed WALES Edward Grey Institute 28/04/2010
Chouet landfill GUERNSEY

London GC79-21 pullus 07/07/2008 Terrington Marsh, Norfolk ENGLAND Wash Wader Ringing Group
19/05/2010 Pembroke Beach GUERNSEY

London GA20677 pullus 03/07/1998 Rockcliffe Marsh, Cumbria, ENGLAND North Solway Ringing  Group 22/03/2010 Chouet Landfill  GUERNSEY
LBBG London GC79-21 Pembroke 19 May 2010 - PKV 
LBBG London GN85760 L'Eree, Guernsey 22 September 2010 - PKV 
LBBG London GA20677 Chouet Landfill 22 March 2010 - PKV

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