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Friday, February 3, 2012

Polish Black-headed Gulls in Guernsey

During the week Vic and Jill Froome found and photographed Black-headed Gull White TETT at Jaonneusse Beach, Vale, Guernsey. This gull was ringed as a chick in June 2011 at Przykona Reservoir, Radyczyny, Turek, Poland. It had already been seen at Le Rozel Beach, Manche, France in late August 2011 by Lucien Brinkhof. While out looking for this bird, I finally managed to find a flock of 100 Black-headed Gulls at Grande Havre. Amongst these birds was a Polish metal ringed bird, but I only managed to read the address and part of the number – Gdansk FN..807. The probability is that this is the same bird that I’ve seen in Guernsey in each of the last two early autumns (FN75.807 – ringed as a chick in May 2008 at Januszkowice, Zdzieszowice, Opolski, Poland ), but I need to see the whole number to be sure.
Black-headed Gull White TETT Jaonneusse Beach 02 February 2012 - Vic Froome

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