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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some Interesting LBBG Movements

Hot on the heels of LBBG Black 4AL4, Pepe Greno has observed two more "Guernsey Gulls" at Castellon Harbour, Spain. As reported in this blog on 13 November such movements to the Mediterranean coast of Spain are unusual for our LBBGs. None of the three gulls has records in Guernsey during the summer (after ringing in late May) so we are speculating that these birds may be from a different population, which were migrating through Guernsey when ringed. Hopefully in the years ahead we will learn far more in relation to the movements of the gulls observed in Guernsey! I also include a very nice photo Pepe sent me of a Ring-billed Gull (which is known from a number of sightings in Guernsey) amongst Audouins Gulls (which we have not yet recorded!).
 LBBG Black 4AK7 Castellon harbour (c) Pepe Greno
 LBBG Black 6AM2 Castellon Harbour (c) Pepe Greno
The track of three Guernsey ringed LBBGs to Castellon Harbour
Ring-billed and Audouins Gulls at castellon harbour, Spain 02 April 2012 - (c) Pepe Greno

Also of great excitement is the report of the first of this year's 2012 LBBG chicks at the gull hotspot of Anza. Agadir. Black 4AP5 (ringed on Burhou on 14 July 2012) was observed in Morocco yesterday by two Norwegian Gull enthusiasts (Christian Pedersen and Arild Breistol) who are doing a fantastic job recording colour ringed gulls at Anza this week. Take a look at their superb blog for an account of the first three days!

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