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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Baker's Dozen of cr GBBGs in Perelle

After recording c80 cr Herring Gulls on the northern beaches this morning, I took a trip down the Island's west coast. The only beach worth stopping was Perelle, where several hundred GBBGs were resting  Unfortunately the tide was rather low and the birds very distant. It took me a long time to confirm the rings...but there were at least 13 cr birds amongst the GBBG flock! The rings seen were from France 6 (Seine-Maritime 4 and Chausey 2), England 3 (Cornwall 2 and Dorset 1), Noway 1 and Guernsey 3. 
There were very few LBBGs on the northern beaches (less than 10 and no cr birds). At Perelle there were c20 LBBGs (including two locally ringed birds that were too distant to read the codes). Some of the birds which arrived a week or 10 days back have almost certainly headed back south, following the cold weather of last week. Even some Herring Gulls have done this - for example White 1.VV8 seen at Treffieux landill, Loire-Atlantique, France by Yann Brilland on 27 October, was back at Chouet Landfill on 19 January - only for it to return to Treffieux where it was seen today by Willy Raitiere.
Perelle Beach

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