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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Great Black-backed Gulls growing up

I particularly enjoy at this time of year looking for "my" colour ringed juvenile gulls on the beaches around Guernsey. In the past 10 days or so half a dozen of the 55 juvenile cr Great Black-backed Gulls have appeared, and it is interesting to look back at how they have grown since ringing. Already they are becoming the "bosses" on the beach...rushing to anything that looks like food, and driving the other smaller gulls away. Some of these birds are likley to remain on Guernsey into the winter, while others will no doubt wander around the western approaches to the English Channel before returning when a little older (that's the theory anyway!).
GBBG Yellow 0.AA0 Jethou - 09 June 10 - PKV
GBBG Yellow 0.AA0 Chouet - 07 August 10 - PKV
GBBG Yellow 0.HH3 Jethou 22 June 10 - PKV
GBBG Yellow 0.HH3 Chouet 07/08/10 - PKV
GBBG Yellow 0.JJ7 Herm 29/06/10 - PKV
GBBG Yellow 0.JJ7 Pembroke - 05/08/10 - PKV

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