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Friday, August 13, 2010

Roland-Jan Buijs at Chouet Landfill - PKV
This past week it has been very nice to welcome Roland-Jan Buijs, and his family, to Guernsey. Roland-Jan is enjoying a holiday in the island, but is also managing to fit in some colour ring reading along the way. It has been particularly helpful for me to meet up with Roland-Jan, who is a much more experienced gull ringer and researcher, and I have already learnt a lot more about gull research from my conversations with Roland-Jan.

Now all that remains is to see if we can find one of Roland’s Lesser Black-backed Gulls before he goes home to The Netherlands!
Pembroke Beach - PKV
Although there were more than 500 gulls on Pembroke and Chouet Beaches this morning, the vast majority were local Herring Gulls. One new juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull (ringed on Sark) and juvenile Herring Gulls (ringed on Sark, Jethou and Alderney) were observed. It was also very nice to see on Pembroke Beach my first colour ringed 2010 juvenile Great Black-backed Gull (Green J.27) from Seb Provost’s project based in the Chausey Islands, Manche, France.
LBBG Black 4.H2 Chouet Beach - PKV
GBBG Green J.27 Pembroke - PKV

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