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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey!

After the brilliant sunshine and black beaches (actually yellow...but darkened by a covering of 30,000 Lesser Black-backed Gulls!) of Morocco, it was back to the 50 shades of grey in Guernsey today at Chouet! It was so wet and dismal, with the dull grey light coming up so late that I did not bird in the landfill, but rather from the car at Chouet landfill Beach. After taking c 70 local Herring Gull colour ring reads, amongst the grey covering of Herring Gulls on the rocks, I went home for a nice warm cup of coffee. Not a single LBBG in sight - only a month to go before the first of our birds return!

50 Shades of Grey at Chouet

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