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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Anza Score Board!

Many thanks to the ringers and project leaders who have already responded with life histories of the gulls seen recently at Anza, Agadir, Morocco. The final tally of individual birds looks like this:-

Lesser Black-backed Gulls
The Netherlands          64     
Norway                        65
Belgium                       28  
England                       28   
Denmark                     18   
Germany                       8      
Wales                            5       
Guernsey, CIs               7
France                           7
Scotland                        5
Iceland                          3
Portugal                        1

Total =                      239 different individuals.

Audouin's Gulls
Spain                        22

Mediterranean Gulls
Poland                        1
Hungary                     1
France                        1

Black-headed Gulls
Spain                          2

Total = 266 different gulls

It was a truly magnificent to see me through the winter...until our Lesser Black-backed Gulls return from their travels for another breeding season in the Islands!





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