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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Three "Guernsey" Lesser Black-backed Gulls Wintering in Gran Canaria

Recently we've had news from Gran Canaria of three Guernsey-ringed LBBGs that are wintering in the Canary Islands - all on Gran Canaria. Black 9K5 was recorded there last winter, and it returned this summer to Guernsey. Joining it this winter are Black 9V0 and Black 8AH8. The straight line distance between the ringing and wintering site is more than 2,600 km (see map below). I am very grateful to Francisco and Javier del Campo and Xabier Remirez for these wonderful sightings!

 LBBG Black 9V0 Las Palma Harbour, Gran Canaria - (c) Xabier Remirez
LBBG Black 9K5 Boccabaranco, Gran Canaria (c) Xabier Remirez


  1. Nice Paul!

    At the moment Kees Camphuyzen is reading rings in Mauretania, must be also some of yours as he allready saw 10 tibia's from Holland ;-)



  2. Great Paul!! Nice sightings