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Monday, August 4, 2014

A 300 Gull Colour Ring Reading Session

Reading 300 gull colour rings in a session is now not too difficult, given the scale of our gull projects in recent years. However, it is still very satisfying to accumulate so much valuable data on outings at this time of year. As well as many records of our adult LBBGs feeding up before they begin their southward migrations, there are adult Herring Gulls which are now approaching the end of their arduous breeding seasons, and many more GBBGs seem to return to the landfill and northern beaches at this time of year. In good years, like 2014, the numbers are swollen by the juvenile birds leaving the colonies and joining the crèches on the beaches. Ring reading at this time in such a year has a really wonderful end of summer feel to it all – I love it!

Gulls on Northern Beach (c) PKV

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