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Thursday, July 15, 2010

140 Gull Ring Reads before Work

Chouet landfill Beach 15 July 2010 - PKV
It was very windy here in Guernsey this morning, and this combined with a high tide meant that a lot of gulls were sheltering on the beaches on the north coast. Before work I managed to read 142 rings - 113 Herring Gulls, 27 Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a couple of Great Black-backed Gulls. All were local birds, with a very good showing from the birds ringed during the cannon netting sessions run at the end of May at Chouet Landfill.

News also came in today of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, which had been ringed at Chouet Landfill at the end of May 2010, being seen at Bishop's Cleeve Landfill, Gloucestershire, England (John Sanders) and Burhou, Alderney (Jen Stockdale) - both ringed as very advanced immatures not quite in full adult plumage (and therefore probably not breeding this year). There was also a report  of one of the adults breeding on Burhou from the adjacent coast of France at Heauville, Manche (Eric Robbe).
A very handsome juvenile Herring Gull on Chouet Landfill Beach 15 July 10 - PKV
LBBG Black 1.R1 Chouet Landfill Beach - PKV
Herring Gull 6.JJ1 Chouet Landfill Beach - 15 July 10 - PKV

Herring Gull 6.JJ1 ringed at Ty Coed 03 May 10 - PKV
Two adult Yellow-legged Gulls were seen at Chouet this morning too.

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