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Monday, July 5, 2010

Some more interesting gull movements

A couple of interesting sightings of our gulls recently came from Antonio Gutierrez in northern Spain and Jean Michel Sauvage in France.

Lesser Black-backed Gull Black 0.K0, which had been ringed as a chick on Burhou on 10 July 2009, and which had been seen by Tono Salazar at Lugo, Galicia, Spain on 5th September, has continued to spend its 1st summer in north-west Spain. Antonio saw it at Frouxeira lagoon, A Coruna on 04 July.

LBBG Black 0.K0 - Frouxeira Lagoon, A Coruna, Spain - Antonio Gutierrez
LBBG Black 0.K0 Lugo, Spain - Tono Salazar
LBBG Black 0.K0 Burhou, Alderney - PKV
Meanwhile Great Black-backed Gull Yellow 0T1 – ringed as a chick on Little Burhou, Alderney on 10 July 2009 – was seen by Jean Michel on 02 July 2010 at Portel Beach, Pas-de-Calais, France. This is the first of my immature Great Black-backed Gulls to move east up the English Channel coast beyond Le Havre.

GBBG Yellow 0T1 Little Burhou - PKV

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