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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Hat-trick of Foreign-ringed LBBGs at Chouet

In very cold and grey weather at Chouet this morning, three foreign-ringed LBBGs were observed. Two were from Suffolk, England (Mike Marsh's project) - Red ALA.U and Red B.UBL. This is really quite unusual for most British-ringed LBBGs seen in Guernsey have come from the Western half of Britain. Mike Marsh informed me that LBBGs are slow to return to their breeding sites in Suffolk this spring, and he also sent me a photo taken at the Orfordness colony area last Sunday (there's no need for any more words!).
Orfordness, Suffolk last Sunday - (c) Mike Marsh
The third bird was Blue J2VP - a gull ringed as a chick in Vest-Agder, southern Norway in 2008, but which already has an extensive life history of sightings including records in Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
 LBBG Red B.UBL at Chouet

 LBBG Red ALA.U at Chouet
Gulls on Chouet Landfill Beach

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