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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Another hat-trick of Foreign Colour Ringed LBBGs at Chouet

The temptation to lie in bed for that extra hour this morning was strong  given how bitterly cold the strong NE wind is today! proved to be another excellent day to be at the beaches early! At Chouet amongst more than 100 cr LBBGs were three foreign-ringed birds. There were two Norwegian LBBGs on Chouet Beach at the same time (another first for me in Guernsey). One of these birds (Blue JL9S) had been ringed as a chick on Rauna, Vest-Agder in July 2004, and never subsequently reported until today - a run of almost 3,200 days! The other Norwegian bird (Black JR42) had been ringed as a chick in July 2006 at Loppa, Finnmark way up in the Arctic Circle! This gull already has an interesting life history of observations in Belgium, France and Spain. The third LBBG was carrying a Spanish colour ring (from the Malaga region). 
 LBBG Blue JL9S Chouet Beach (c) PKV
 LBBG Black JR42 on Chouet Beach (c) PKV
 LBBG White N06F on Chouet Beach (c) PKV
 Gulls on Chouet Beach (c) PKV

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